The Man in the Mango Tree

A young man lives hidden in the depths of a great mango tree somewhere in Africa. Learn about his daily life, his friends the lizards and the birds and the village that lies close by. And then witness as the man in the mango tree must work valiantly and with every ounce of bravery in his heart to save his home from destruction. . . "The Man in the Mango Tree" includes illustrations by Jonathan Quinn which complement the text at key points in the story.
Hektoen International

Hektoen International - Mary Cassatt

The year is 1868, and the twenty-two year-old Mary Cassatt has had her first painting, The Mandolin Player, accepted by the famous Paris Salon. The painting is in the realist style and is reminiscent of Rembrandt’s 1659 Self-Portrait. The background is lit as if there were a candle behind the sitting mandolin player, a young girl dressed in the colors of France: a white blouse half-hidden by a red sash and a deep blue skirt.
The Telegraph

Just Back: fairground fun in Tbilisi

Christopher Walker wins £200 for his vision of old Tbilisi from the high vantage point of a rickety basket on a rusty Ferris wheel I was wandering about old Tbilisi, trying to find my way to the funicular. Inevitably I got lost in the maze of tumbledown houses and narrow streets, though they were all so beautiful in their dereliction that I didn’t mind. Eventually I spiralled around to the funicular station, and happily paid the three lari (90p) to be lifted up the hill.

What Would Lynne Tillman Do?

What Would Lynne Tillman Do? by Lynne Tillman Red Lemonade, April 2014 192 pages – Red Lemonade / Amazon Lynne Tillman has been variously described as “experimental,” “minimalist,” and “a writer’s writer”–but none of these labels will tell you anything useful, so far into cliché have they sunk. If you want a better epithet, you might begin with something like “polymath.”