Notes from a Polish Football Match

The kick-off wasn’t until a quarter to nine, but even so I left home shortly after seven in the evening and sat at the bus stop waiting for the number 15 that would take me to the stadium. The soft patter of rain played upon the top of the bus shelter; I knew that more was to come, which was one reason why I’d headed out so early. But minutes later the heavens opened and the roads became like rivers; the sky turned as dark as the Baltic in winter, and it was lit periodically by flashes of lightning...
Jane Stirling Festival

Photos: Frédéric, Jane and their piano - Festival Jane Stirling

The main protaganist of the evening was an absolute jewel among pianos, a unique Playel Piano Forte with the serial number of 13823, once belonging to Jane Stirling, in the 20th century aquired by Éduard Ganche' - a grand piano which has eventually found its way to Chopin's homeland and is now exhibitted in The Collegium Maius of the Jagiellonian University. In 1847, the instrument was selected for Jane Stirling by Frédéric Chopin himself.
Krakow Post

PHOTOS: Equality March Krakow 2017

“Homo Homini Homo Est“, proclaimed one of the many signs at Krakow’s LGBTQI Equality March (Marsz Równości) Saturday. It could be translated as “Man is man to another man”, or, more aptly tongue-in-cheek, “Man is a homo[sexual] to another man.” It plays off the ancient, more cynical Latin proverb “Homo homini lupus”: “Man is a wolf to another man.” And many of the thousands of marchers may have felt they were battling wolves yesterday... My photographs are featured here, showing the ugly side that seems, like the proverbial wolves, to follow Equality Marches wherever they may go in Poland.
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