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PHOTOS: Equality March Krakow 2017

“Homo Homini Homo Est“, proclaimed one of the many signs at Krakow’s LGBTQI Equality March (Marsz Równości) Saturday. It could be translated as “Man is man to another man”, or, more aptly tongue-in-cheek, “Man is a homo[sexual] to another man.” It plays off the ancient, more cynical Latin proverb “Homo homini lupus”: “Man is a wolf to another man.” And many of the thousands of marchers may have felt they were battling wolves yesterday... My photographs are featured here, showing the ugly side that seems, like the proverbial wolves, to follow Equality Marches wherever they may go in Poland.

The First 49

Christopher Walker has spent much of his life travelling. Since catching the travel bug in his early twenties, he has visited 49 countries; his adventures are presented in this collection of autobiographical pieces. Visit North and South America, wind your way through much of Europe, travel overland from Ghana along the Western edge of Africa as far as Cape Town at its Southern tip, and venture further, calling at India, Japan, and Vietnam. Illustrated by the author's own black and white photographs.
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